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5 Things to Look for When Inspecting a Suspended Concrete Slab

If you’re a structural engineer and you’ve just been asked to inspect a suspended concrete slab before it is poured, now is definitely a good time to go through the things you should be looking for when you carry out your inspection.

(Please note: an inspection of a suspended concrete slab should ALWAYS be done in person – never by Facetime or with photos!)

Here are my 5 most important things to check when inspecting a suspended concrete slab:


Designing for Polished Concrete

Polished concrete floors look great.

They are a hard-wearing, durable and attractive floor finish that can add value to your finished home.

But not every concrete floor is suitable for polishing because cracks in polished concrete floors are hard to hide.

If you’re building or extending your home and you’d like to use polished concrete, then this is something your engineer needs to know during the design process so that the appropriate precautions can be built into the structural engineering drawings.

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Waffle Slab Inspection With Engineer’s Commentry

G’day. This is Matt Cornell from Cornell Engineers. This is a waffle slab inspection that we did a little while ago and I wanted to go through and put some words to it to let you know what we’re looking at during this inspection.

So here we go coming in from the front I’ll just pause it there and explain some of these things.

The white things that you can see are the polystyrene waffle pods. They are the voids in this soon to be poured concrete waffle slab. The waffle pods are about one-metre x one-metre squares. They’re sort of semi-hollow underneath. They’re not solid polystyrene but on top they’re solid. The space between waffle pods is about 110mm wide.

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