Structural engineering for educational facilities needs to be more considered that structural engineering for regular projects.

That’s because school buildings often have to be built and extended within the confines of existing school infrastructure.

Keeping a school operating while building contractors are working takes a little bit more time and care to keep the school community safe.

Cornell Engineers working with Architects on School Buildings

Cornell Engineers is available to join consortiums to help bring a school project to an award-winning conclusion.

We work with architects and builders every step of the way, from feasibility to construction phase inspections, in a meticulous, cost-effective and coordinated way.

Our pooled expertise will bring first-class quality school buildings to greenfield schools as well as existing schools looking to accommodate more staff and students.

Why Choose Cornell Engineers for School Buildings

Whether contemporary building or ‘old school’, our structural engineering can match your architectural heritage. We’ll work with you to take into account the surrounding campus, landscaped spaces and site layout.

We’ll help you achieve a visual link between new and old. Whether it is striking arches or smaller features, it is important for us to suit your architectural heritage.

Inside a building though, you have room to breathe. We specialise in clever design with a blend of contemporary performance and sophisticated style.

Whether your buildings are single-storey, double-storey, masonry, framed, double brick or concrete, our team can design spacious, naturally lit masterpieces that will make your school proud.

Whether we work with you to create learning spaces or quiet study centres, you can relax when you choose Cornell Engineers as your structural engineer.

Cornell Engineers Experience With School Buildings

Cornell Engineers have provided structural engineering for school projects including new school buildings, building upgrades, school building extensions and repairs.

Our experience in schools includes:

  • School halls.
  • New classrooms.
  • Covered play areas.
  • Accessible walkways, lifts and ramps.
  • Crack inspections and repairs.
  • Classroom upgrades.

What to Think About When Designing School Buildings

Designing a school? Here are our top 6 tips to keep in mind:

  1. Go with the flow. Consider how and where staff arrive and keep their travel distance minimised.
  2. Separate vehicles and students. Keep student travel paths well clear of vehicle movements.
  3. Natural ventilation is greener. Keep buildings cooler for less with plenty of shade without destroying natural lighting.
  4. Safety does it. School security should be considered early. Security systems, clear lines of visual sight and well lit at night.
  5. Teamwork. Design and construction is a team effort. Maintain an open mind and be willing to consider alternative construction techniques.
  6. Multi-purpose. Use of buildings change with time. Consider what future uses might be and how to accommodate them.

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