Structural Engineering for Coal Mines

Cornell Engineers has extensive experience in structural engineering for structures located on coal mines.

How can we help you?

Check out some of our previous coal mine projects. Maybe we can provide structural engineering for your project too.

Magnetite Pits and Concrete Bins

The most important thing to realize when designing a magnetite bin is that front end loaders have no brakes.

Well of course they do – but they don’t seem to use them.

So we design concrete bins and magnetite pits to be tough. Really tough. They have to be. Nobody wants pieces of concrete in the coal.

We use a combination of skid rails, back ends and fibrecrete to solve the durability issues that are special to coal mines.

Coal Mine Concrete Pavements

Concrete pavements around a coal mine industrial area need to be designed for the conditions that exist on a coal mine.

Existing concrete pavement on a coal mine needs to be replaced

Erosion, vehicle traffic, chemical spills and fill on the low wall side all cause problems for concrete pavements.

Decide early on whether you have the budget for a permanent, heavy-duty pavement or if it is ok for the slab to break down in time and maybe need replacement.

Either way, Cornell Engineers can design a concrete pavement suitable for your industrial area. Give us a call.

Precast Concrete Panels

Precasting concrete offers some advantages over having concrete trucks on a coal mine site. It’s not new technology and it does mean some special handling requirements, but sometimes precasting concrete can offer some advantages for working on a coal mine site.

Precast wall panel, precast electrical pits and lids and precast demountable building footings are all options you should explore wit your suppliers.

When it comes to engineering for these precast elements, call Cornell Engineers to see how we can help.

Coal Mine Crane Beams, Davits and Monorails

Gantry crane beams, lifting davits and monorail beams designed to AS1418.18 are specialty design items that need to be designed and installed carefully to comply with the standard

Take care to also assess the supporting structures and ensure the load path from these lifting structures has been carefully assessed.