Forensic Engineering is About Finding the Truth

When buildings break or do not perform to expectation, it’s the role of the forensic engineer to uncover the truth about the cause, to develop a rectification procedure and assess the potential for future harm.

Cornell Engineer’s experienced engineers understand buildings. We understand how they work and we know what to look for when they don’t work.

Structural engineer inspecting roof frame

Our reports are authored and signed by an RPEQ so you can trust our findings.

Cornell Engineers Provides Honest Forensic Engineering

When you engage Cornell Engineers to undertake a forensic engineering assessment of your under-performing building you know you’ll be presented with an honest assessment of what went wrong and how to fix it. 

Termite damaged roof truss Cornell Engineers Forensic
Termite damaged roof truss needs to be replaced or repaired.

Our forensic engineering reports are easy to read, comprehensive and stand up under scrutiny in court.

Contact Us to discuss your requirements for a forensic engineering investigation.

Beware False Forensic Engineering

How would you feel if you relied on a forensic engineering report only to find out it wasn’t even written by an engineer?

You can check if the person you are speaking to is an RPEQ by checking this website.

Can you even trust it? Would it make you look less reliable?

Site inspections and forensic engineering reports should be written by experienced engineers and backed up by competent, registered engineers.

Roof sheeting damaged by a cyclone needed a forensic engineering inspection.

How would it look if you went to court based on a report written by someone who wasn’t even an engineer?

Independent Structural Engineer

If you’ve already received some (bad) forensic engineering advice from another consultant that you are not happy with, it’s time to call Cornell Engineers.

We’ll give you an independent engineering assessment and do our best to find the truth.

If your case is bound for court it’s very important to have the facts in your hand. We can help with a thorough review of all the reports, personalities, experience levels and qualifications.

We Review Forensic Engineering Reports

There is nothing we love better than reviewing other forensic engineers’ reports. Sometimes we find problems with the logic. Sometimes we find problems with technical references. Sometimes the reports are just reused templates with no real thought put into them.

It’s not bad forensic engineering necessarily, but wouldn’t you like to know the truth before you get into court or make a fool of yourself demanding repairs or answers?

Not all forensic engineering experts are equal. Some forensic engineering reports aren’t even written by engineers. (yes really!!)

Our engineers are looking forward to helping. Contact Us and let’s have a chat.