Fixing Cracks and Gaps

  • Does your house have cracks and gaps in the walls, floors or ceiling?
  • Are there gap under the walls?
  • Have you got cracks in the brickwork?

Cornell Engineers can help!! Our structural engineers have inspected lots of houses that have cracks and signs of movement. We understand what causes cracks in buildings.

What Causes Damage?

Here are some of the causes of the damage we have seen:

Crack in brickwork caused by corrosion of steel reinforcement
  • Shrinkage stresses from concrete drying shrinkage.
  • Impact or overload.
  • Incorrect placement of reinforcement.
  • Brick growth.
  • Our inspections are always done by qualified and experienced structural engineers. We will help you understand the cause of cracks and damage and then we will give you advice on how to fix the damage.

    Found Some Cracks?

    Our blog post gives some advice on monitoring cracks and new damage. Use these ideas if you’ve just noticed some new damage and you’re not sure if it’s serious.

    Is your Floor Moving?

    Is your floor moving? We use a digital water level to check floor levels. Our level can see around corners so we can easily check how level the floor is in your whole house.

    Is your Deck Safe?

    Decks are a major part of life in Queensland. Bar-b-ques, deck furniture, stunning timber decks overlooking a sparkling swimming pool are the images we think of with a beautiful deck.

    However, timber needs maintenance. The harsh outdoor climate weathers and degrades the basic structural components of a deck – steel and timber. Deck safety is definitely in the spotlight too with fatalities caused by the structural collapse of some decks.

    Check out our blog post on deck maintenance and inspections. Don’t wait until your deck fails suddenly and without warning. Engage an expert to inspect your deck.

    Home Owners Love Us

    Home owners and insurance companies love us because our investigations report the problems and how to fix them. Sometimes you don’t need to fix them straight away.

    Sometimes the repair of cracks and gaps is covered by insurance. We can help you understand the cause of the damage and how to fix it.

    Our reports are easy to read summaries of our inspection and what we think is causing the damage. We often include details of how you can start to fix the problem without expensive concrete work or chemicals.

    Get a Quote or call us today for a chat to see how we can help.