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Renovation in Hamilton Transformation

Cornell Engineers was proud to provide the structural engineering for this amazing house renovation in Hamilton, Brisbane.

Project Team

Building designed by MR Design & Drafting

Construction by Novo Property

Structural Engineering by Cornell Engineers

Renovation in Hamilton

This renovation in Hamilton included a new outdoor living area adjacent to an existing pool. The new structure features exposed steel framing, a vaulted timber ceiling and a cornerless bifold door.

How the Project Came About

Cameron James, the director of Novo Property, first approached the team at Cornell Engineers about this house renovation project in June 2018.

The structural steel component of the project had already been completed for the owner, but the design was cumbersome, templated and not very practical.

Instead, the structural engineering needed to design needed to clever, intricate and thoughtful. Indeed, if the building designer’s vision was to be realised, some deep practicality and insight needed to be added to the engineering design drawings.

The most noticeable structural engineering challenge for the design was the floating cornerless transition between the existing dwelling and the pool patio area. It needed to be a seamless transition of the internal and external living spaces.

Cornell Engineers imagined the design on paper first and then rationalised the design using 3-dimensional models in Spacegass Structural Design Software. The engineering design had to ensure the steel strength and deflections were within well our requirements for this modern masterpiece.

The grand raftered roof of the patio area also had to be braced and strengthened to ensure the building was able to safely transfer the higher wind loads associated with a building on a hillside position.

Soon after our engagement, we sen through a set of preliminary structural engineering drawings for the builder to peruse. The tight site meant that a collaborative design approach was needed to ensure the project proceeded smoothly once the site phase started.

Once the construction methodology had been worked through, Cornell Engineers made some minor changes to the structural steel connections and then issued the drawings for construction. A Form 15 design certificate quickly followed in the email to the builder.

Construction started just 3 short months after our initial consultation. In September 2018 we provided the inspections for the footings and slabs and shortly after we inspected the concrete masonry Besser block walls in October 2018. We closed out our dealings with this project with a successful steel and timber frame inspection in late October 2018.

Architectural Engineering

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