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Building a Home – Take Lots of Photos

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I was asked the other day what’s my number one piece of advice for someone who is having a house being built right now and my answer would be to take lots of photos all the way through construction even if you don’t know what you’re taking photos of.

Now, why is that?

If something goes wrong with the house later on, a set of photos during construction allows the engineer to see through walls and see through concrete slabs.

It allows us to see how a house went together so that we can help diagnose what went wrong.

Does that mean we don’t think you need to get an independent inspector during construction?

No, it does not.

It means an inspector is still a great idea but you should do everything you can to take as many photos as you possibly can during construction of as many elements as you possibly can.

I’m Matt Cornell from Cornell Engineers.

Home Renovation Project Updates

Architectural Renovation at Eimeo Beach

Nathan and Lisa’s (not their real names) house in Eimeo, just across from Eimeo Beach, was a 1970s home with sweeping views of the Coral Sea that stretch over the horizon and beyond.

As a 1970s house living in the 2020s, the home had already seen its fair share of love and life.

With fancy raked ceilings and exposed rafters, the house was ahead of its time when it was built – back in the days when builders were still converting feet and inches to metric measurements in their heads.

The original plans for the home were hand-drawn and came to us as pdfs with an orange background tinge that made you think of blueprints except in vivid orange. This home was always an architectural masterpiece. It was time to extend its heritage and modernize it.

Besser Blocks

Besser Block Pool

We designed and inspected this Besser block pool for a home in Kedron. I wanted to share some images of it before it was poured.

Besser Blocks Home Renovation Project Updates

House Raise Project in Albion

Our house raise project in Albion went together so well, we really have to show it off.

Our client wanted to raise her home in Albion to get more space underneath. Her Albion home is just 4.5km from Brisbane city, so a house raise project was the perfect investment.

Home Renovation Project Updates

Home Renovation at Kenmore

I don’t want to give away all of our secrets, but if you are planning a home renovation in Brisbane, then perhaps this series of photographs and insider tips will make the process a little bit easier for you.

You see, this home renovation in Kenmore, Brisbane, is a benchmark – a standard that you may well pit yourself against.