Besser Blocks

Besser Block Pool

We designed and inspected this Besser block pool for a home in Kedron. I wanted to share some images of it before it was poured.

Project Team

The team involved in this idyllic peaceful pool project were:

Proudly built by Jake at JMC Carpentry and Construction.

Proudly designed by JMH Design.

Structural engineering design by Rachel Tsang.

Construction phase inspections by Rachel Tsang.

Besser Block Pool Construction Photos

Have a look at our photos of how this Besser Block pool looked before it was poured.

Design Background and Philosophy

Jake came to Cornell Engineers with a set of plans by JMH Design for a Besser block pool, gymnasium, and pergola area.

Rachel did up a quote and emailed it back to Jake for the homeowner to approve.

We got the go-ahead for the design component in October 2021.

Our design process for Besser block pools relies on the information presented in the fantastic pool design manual by CMAA.

We then documented our requirements for the pool in an easy-to-read set of plans generated with the latest version of AutoCad Lt (the 2d version of AutoCad).

Our pdf drawing set was issued to Jake by the end of November – well within our self-imposed timeframe of four weeks turnaround.

Construction started almost immediately after building certifier approval was obtained.

Our first construction phase inspection was the pool base and walls in December 2021.

We’re looking forward to seeing the finished pool on social media soon!

If you would like a pool, pergola, pool pavilion, or just a peaceful place of your own, contact specialist builder Jake from JMC Construction or Cornell Engineers, and let’s get your project started!