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Sample Structural Engineering Drawings

Engineering Drawings

It’s hard to explain what structural engineers produce when we do structural engineering for a new house. So I’ve prepared a sample set of our structural engineering house plans for your enquiring mind!

This example set of plans is for a single storey house with a concrete slab on ground, concrete Besser block masonry walls and a timber roof trusses.

Brick veneer houses are quite similar except the bracing is all achieved with the timber frame walls.

Cornell Engineer’s Sample Drawings

Our Drawings are Excellent

What’s so great about the drawings that we produce?

  • They are clear and concise.
  • They are easy to read and build from.
  • They are backed by our 20 years of experience and local knowledge.

We pride ourselves on the fact that so many of our houses get built without the builder needing to ask us any questions. We think about our designs to make it easier (and cheaper) for the builder. Doesn’t that sound like a good idea?

Want to know what goes into checking our engineering plans? Check out this video of a structural engineer checking engineering plans.

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We’re super-keen to help you with structural engineering for your house. Contact Matt Cornell and the team to arrange a quote today!

4 replies on “Sample Structural Engineering Drawings”

Hi Matt
I am particularly intrigued & impressed by the bracing wall capacity & connection specification. I usually specify the type of bracing (strap, ply, etc) and length of the panel (where not a whole wall length). I would think most engineers do not specify the total capacity of individual walls or the top of wall connections – simply leaving it to the builder or inspector to decide/direct as per AS1684.2. But your drawings give clearer direction to the builder/inspector without the engineer having to specify every connection.
I wonder how many buildings are constructed with wall bracing that do not have specific top/bottom connections?
I also wonder if you specify bottom connections to stumps/footings for timber floor frames and check the uplift capacity of the stumps/footings?
I am a structural engineer in Victoria designing an unusual timber-framed building and am having to check all bracing and hold-down connections…so just looking for a bit of general information.

Di Damian
Thanks for your questions and comments. I’d love to have a chat about tie down and bracing connections – it is something I am particularly passionate about especially with the recent passing of Tropical Cyclone Debbie.. Call me on Sunday or Monday on 0419518869 for a chat. I’m back from my holiday and doing some catch up work. If it goes to message bank just call again later. I’m in and out all day.

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