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Solving Drainage Problems for Houses on Sloping Blocks

Have you got a house on a sloping block with drainage problems?

The queries we get go something like this:

Hi. My house is on a sloping site (slopes from the back towards the front) and water gets in under our house when it rains. The ground under our house gets wet and then takes ages to dry out. Sometimes the water gets into the downstairs rumpus room, storeroom, laundry, garage slab (pick one or two!).

How can I stop water getting under my house? Should I use an ag pipe and or should I install a better drain?

Well, we have some ideas (and a video) that might just help.

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What is a Spoon Drain in Residential Construction

Hi. I’m Matt Cornell. Today we’re talking about spoon drains, why we use them to improve drainage around a house site, what a spoon drain looks like and when they are better than grated drains or agi drains.

Join Matt Cornell for an introduction to Spoon Drains
Drainage Footings and Slabs

Factors That Makes Houses Crack

Here’s a list of things that make houses move and crack. How many of these can you identify in your house:

Drainage Footings and Slabs

Water Around a Waffle Pod Slab

Water around a waffle pod slab house being built on a reactive clay site is a problem and it’s not an easy fix.

That’s why the Australian standard for footings and slabs AS2870 says that the surface drainage of a construction site shall be controlled from the start of site preparation until the end of construction.

Why? Because it is easier to get good drainage around a waffle pod slab house while it is being built than after the house is finished.

Check out our detailed video on why waffle slabs are so affected by site drainage and what to do about it.

Drainage Footings and Slabs

How Agricultural Drains Wreck Houses

Did you know that an agricultural drain can easily wreck the house it was installed to protect?

If agricultural drains are specified or installed incorrectly, they can easily be the cause of uncontrolled movement and cracking in your house.

Agricultural drains (also known as ag pipes, agi pipes, ag line, french drains (as credited to Mr Henry Flagg French – a farmer from New England), soakage drains, and slotted drainage pipes – phew!!) are sometimes used by homeowners and engineers to improve house subsoil drainage.
(Breaking news – check out our brand new article about improving drainage on sloping sites)

Sometimes agricultural drains are used to fix slab heave and reduce cracking in houses.

When agricultural drains are installed improperly, they can become a problem.