Home Maintenance and Repairs

Older Buildings Need Love Too

Time goes marching on. With the change of seasons and bringing in of new years, each passing day, month and year makes those older buildings of the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s a year older too.

The trouble is most of those older buildings were designed and fashioned for an expected life of 50 years. What happens to those buildings as they move past their design life?

Home Maintenance and Repairs

Rudolph is Coming!

Merry Christmas from the team at Cornell Engineers. Is your roof Rudolph ready?

  • 8 Reindeer x 120kg each = 960kg
  • Extra weight if it’s a foggy night = 120kg (Rudolph)
  • Half loaded sleigh: 1,500kg (conservative estimate)
  • Santa Claus: 150kg (before snacks)
    Total mass on your roof = 2,730kg

Is your roof ready??

Drainage Home Maintenance and Repairs

What is a Spoon Drain in Residential Construction

Hi. I’m Matt Cornell. Today we’re talking about spoon drains, why we use them to improve drainage around a house site, what a spoon drain looks like and when they are better than grated drains or agi drains.

Join Matt Cornell for an introduction to Spoon Drains
Footings and Slabs Home Maintenance and Repairs

Do you need underpinning?

Do you think your house needs underpinning?

Is it because your house has cracks in it? Is it because your neighbour had their house underpinned? Is it because you don’t have time and you need your house fixed NOW? Is it because some random salesperson said you do?

It’s time to have your house assessed properly before you weigh up the options for underpinnings and house repairs.

Home Maintenance and Repairs

The Scary Consequence of Not Having Your Deck Checked

Following a catastrophic failure of a deck in Victoria, we’re once again reminding¬† homeonwners and landlords to have the decks and verandahs on their houses and investment properties checked regularly by a professional.

Our Australian climate is very harsh and even the most durable construction materials will eventually degrade. The defects might not be visually obvious to you – so have a professional Check your Deck!