Soil Testing & Site Classifications

Soil testing is the on-site part of testing the soil on your site. This work is done by a soil tester or an engineer.

Site classifications are the reports that soil testers provide for house allotments.

Soil testing for a new home or house extension includes

  • Boreholes (holes made using an auger) to retrieve and identify the types of soil on your site.
  • DCP testing – banging a metal rod into the ground and recording how many ‘bangs’ it takes to knock the rod into the ground each 100mm. The higher the number the better.
  • Soil samples. The soil tester retrieves soil samples for further testing in the laboratory.
  • On-site assessment. The soil tester records how sandy, clayey, silty or rocky the soil is.

How to Book a Site Classification

When asking for a soil test for a new house or a house extension, be sure to ask for a Site Classification that complies with AS2870.

Booking a site classification is as simple as sending a proposed site plan to a local, experienced soil tester along with contact details on how to access the property.

Local, experienced soil testers have a better knowledge of your area and the type of soil in your area.

Find an Experienced Soil Tester

If you need a local, experienced soil tester in Brisbane or Mackay, these are the soil testers we use and recommend:

Soil Testing & Site Classifications – Brisbane

Soil Surveys07 3369 6000

Wagner Soil Testing

Apod Soil Testing

East Coast Geotechnical

QLD Soil Testing

Soil Testing & Site Classifications – Mackay

Subtest – 0431 010 401

The Subtest soil testing rigs!

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