Emergency Structural Engineering

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Cornell Engineer sare available to asisst with emergencies
Get an engineer on site for a rapid assessment

Cornell Engineers provides emergency structural engineering in Brisbane and surrounding areas. To get an experienced structural engineer on-site immediately, call 0419 518 869.

Day and night, our emergency structural engineering service is available whenever you need structural engineering advice in an emergent situation.

Rapid, early assessment of fire damaged structures.

Matt Cornell is an experienced breathing apparatus wearer and has 14 years experience as an auxiliary QFRS firefighter.

Working in conjunction with QFES, Matt Cornell can enter structures with suspect air-quality DURING a fire or shortly after a fire to give on-site expert opinions on building stability, demolition strategy and fire damage assessments,

Assess fire damaged buildings
Structural assessment of fire damaged building

Matt Cornell has experience relaying that information to fire ground managers including  operations, planning and sector commanders.

With 20 years experience as a structural engineer and the experience from many fire damage assessments, Matt Cornell will assist you with fire ground planning and emergency work.

Propping and stabilisation of buildings affected by vehicle impact.

Cornell Engineers offers an emergency attendance service to give you on-site expert advice on how to stabilise vehicles and buildings after a vehicle impact. This service will allow emergency services workers safe access knowing how to stabilise the building so that vehicles can safely be removed.

Inspection Reports

All of our inspections are followed up with same-hour hand written reports for your filing system. If required we can then prepare a formal report for you file within the same day or same week.


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