Brisbane Structural Engineers

Structural Engineering

Structural engineers provide calculations and prepare drawings in order to specify and describe the construction and repair of structural elements in buildings.

Not all Brisbane structural engineers are perfect for your project; and so if we can’t help you, we’ll recommend a Brisbane structural engineer that can.

Just one phone call, email or Messenger message can get you talking to a structural engineer that is just right for your project.

Residential Structural Engineers

We’re residential structural engineers that specialise in structural engineering for residential houses and units.

Structural engineering for suspended concrete slabs

We’ll help you build, extend, alter or repair buildings up to four stories high.

We’re easy to talk to, exceptionally friendly and we’re really, really good at residential structural engineering.

Some Residential Project Ideas

What sort of project have you got in mind? How about a:

  • New double-storey home with a concrete slab on ground, brick veneer walls, trussed roof and sheet metal roof cladding.
  • Deck extension to create some outdoor living space.
  • An extension to your existing house – perhaps a bigger lounge room, new kitchen and extra bedroom.
  • A second storey extension to your existing single storey home.
  • A house raise and build in under.

House raise

  • Wall removal and rearrangement of some internal walls.
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Commercial Structural Engineering

Alterations and extensions to commercial buildings are our specialities.

Cornell Engineers can guide you through the process and can:

  • Introduce you to architects and building designers to help document the proposed commercial building extensions and alterations.
  • Arrange a soil test to determine soil bearing capacities, reactivity and CBR capacities if needed.
  • Design and document the structural elements of your project.
  • Assist with site supervision and construction phase inspections.

Matt Cornell

Matt Cornell, our director, has more than 20 years of experience in structural engineering, engineering drawings, site inspections and certification for new houses, renovations, extensions and repairs, commercial buildings, industrial buildings and coal mining structures.

Engineer checking drawings for ahouse
Matt Cornell checking footing drawings for a house

We work hard to make your construction project or repair easier.

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You’ll love us because:

  • We’re available when you need us.
  • We don’t charge extra for early or late inspections.
  • We’re available most weekends.
  • We make our structural engineering easy to understand.

We’re Brisbane Structural Engineers

We’re Cornell Engineers. We’re Brisbane’s favourite Structural Engineers!