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Accessible Street Awnings

Did you know that street awnings that are accessible from adjacent windows have to be designed for people loads?

It makes sense, doesn’t it?

If a street awning can be accessed from adjacent windows, roofs or balconies, then the street awning roof cladding and the structure has to be designed in case people gather on the roof to watch a passing parade or civic function.

So if you have an accessible street awning and it needs to be repaired or re-clad, take the opportunity to engage a structural engineer to assess the strength of the structure.

Street awnings have to be designed for people loads
Street Awning Roof Sheeting and Braces

In this example, when this street awning roof sheeting was replaced, Cornell Engineers was engaged to check the roof structure including bracing rods, roof sheeting, purlins and steel roof beams.

Some of the purlins were rotten, but the steel awning beams and tie rods were still in good condition but this isn’t always the case.

Street awnings should be checked by a structural engineer
Structure inside this street awning

Whether you’re a building owner or a roof plumber engaged to upgrade an accessible  street awning, get a structural engineer to check the street awning before or during the repair work and help keep our communities safe.