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This is a BIG House

Cornell Engineers was engaged by Brisbane Builder Rigoli Constructions to design the footings and slab for this massive house at Cedar Creek.

With 657m2 of single level slab on ground including 300m2 of verandah, this house is BIG!

Cornell Engineers designed the raft slab on ground for this house.

Massive raft slab on ground at Cedar Creek

Matt Cornell, director of Cornell Engineers explains:

There are special considerations a structural engineer has to take when designing a very large residential slab on ground. The decision to not have a control joint in the middle of the slab meant that this large slab had to be constructed and cured appropriately to keep shrinkage cracking to a minimum.

Once the slab was down, the builders did a great job of moist curing the slab which meant that the concrete had plenty of time to gain strength before the coverings were removed. This meant that shrinkage cracks were kept to a minimum.

Timber frame for big house at Cedar Creek

Now that the roof is on this big house, the plasterboard linings and internal fitout can commence.

The roof is on this massive house at Cedar Creek.

We’re looking forward to seeing this house finished. It’s going to be great!

Need a big house?

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