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Money lessons for Graduate Engineers

If you’re a graduate engineer fresh out of university, we think some money lessons as you’re starting your careers as a professional engineer will help make the money you earn work for you.

Sadly you have probably haven’t learned heaps about keeping money once you’ve made it. You’re great at engineering but know absolutely nothing about how to make money work for you.

So here are our tips and recommended reading for learning how to make the money you earn work for you.

Topics like investments, insurance, superannuation, stocks and bonds, real estate are all absolutely critical lessons that graduate engineers should be equipped with.

Here’s a selection of my favourite money lessons that have helped me collect and keep some of the money I’ve earned as a professional structural engineer.

Making Money by Paul Clitheroe

This book is a great place to start.

It’s technical enough that a graduate engineer will find it useful without having to wade through fake stories.

It has sections on all the important aspects of keeping money in your hot little hands, and it covers all the basics of how to keep some of the money you earn so that you don’t spend it all.

It’s available on Amazon and I think it’s currently cheaper than I paid for it when I bought it – not to mention the money you’re going to have once you understand some of the basic principles of keeping money in your pocket!

Check out Paul Clitheroe’s
Making Money on Amazon

Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad, Poor Dad Audio Book

Yes, you can read this book and it reads like a story that you may or may not believe.

At its heart though, this book has some nuggets of information and makes you think about how you can one day get off the mouse wheel and create your own wealth.

As a book it really is hard work to read.

As an audio book, this story is GOLD!

You can put this on your phone and play it as you drive, as you travel, on a plane and just let the story roll into you.

You’ll come away with an element of excitement because after listening to this book you’ll start looking for opportunities for making money in ways you never knew existed.

If life is about making money work for you, this book is going to be your bible.

Money lessons by Robert Kiyosaki

Grab Robert Kiyosaki’s
Rich Dad Poor Dad on Amazon

Trump Strategies for Real Estate: Money Lessons for the Small Investor

Obviously as structural engineers we’re going to tell you that real estate is a great way to make money, right?

Whether you are a civil engineer, electrical engineer, mechanical engineer, mining engineer or chemical engineer, property is a GREAT way to make money.

Now Mr Trump has become famous again and again, but his background is as a shrewd, clever, well connected and well advised property investor.

This book isn’t written by Donald Trump but by his adviser. Wouldn’t heeding the same lessons that Mr Trump has learned be worthwhile?

I liked this book because it made me realise the potential of property for making money. It’s right there. it’s not always easy but it IS possible. if you want to be a smart graduate engineer, this book should be on your reading list and on your shelf – just like my copy is.

Gain Advice by buying Trump Strategies for Real Estate: Billionaire Lessons for the Small Investor