Fixing Cyclone Damage

Repairing Cyclone Damage

Cornell Engineers are structural engineers. We can help if your home is damaged by a cyclone or a wind storm.

Actually, we’d rather help you with an assessment and upgrades BEFORE a cyclone or a wind storm occurs. What a brilliant way to minimise the risk of losing your roof in a big blow! Here’s a report from James Cook University about the type of damage we’d like you to avoid.

If your roof is damaged and the matter is an emergency, ring 000 (zero zero zero) for emergency services.

For a roof assessment, upgrades or cyclone damage repairs, contact Cornell Engineers to see how we can help.

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With our associates throughout Queensland, we service:

  • Townsville area
  • Ayr area
  • Bowen area
  • Whitsunday area
  • Mackay area
  • Rockhampton area
  • Moranbah area

Thanks to the Queensland Government, here are some links to handy publications relating to repair work after a cyclone.