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Cornell Engineers are structural engineers with a passion for class-leading construction.

Led by our director, Matt Cornell, our team of super-smart engineers has been helping Queensland build, renovate and repair buildings and structures since 2003.

Smarter Structural Engineering that saves you money.

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Structural Engineer for House Raise Project

I think the benefit that Cornell Engineers brings to house raise projects is experience. There are some particular tricks and traps that, if not identified at the design stage, can cause the builder some serious headaches and the homeowners some unexpected expenditure right when the main thing that should be on everyone’s mind is to get the house raised, on new stumps, concrete and framed up as soon as possible.

Our experience with house raise projects (like this house raise project in Coorparoo and this house raise project in Ashgrove) means that when we are working through the engineering design for the house raise we are also identifying and eliminating problems that could crop up during construction.

In fact, I’m really proud of our team of engineers. At the pre-inspection stage, before we even start designing the house raise, we often send two engineers out to inspect the floor framing and the roof framing. In that way, there are fewer surprises during construction. The builder can rely on our structural engineering, can order the beams and the steelwork and just concentrate on getting the job done.

Perhaps it is our experience in inspecting and identifying construction issues for other builders or our ability to ‘build homes in our minds’ that make our drawings clear and easy to follow. Maybe it is the fact that we draw every construction detail to scale so that we know every bolt and screw actually fits in the timber. Perhaps we just put more effort in when it counts – when everything is still conceptual and on paper.

Whatever the reason, I think that asking Cornell Engineers to be “Your Engineer” is a clever, budget-conscious decision well worth the little bit extra you have to pay to get Cornell Engineers on your team.

Class-Leading Construction for New Homes

Too often we hear about relatively young homes being affected by uneven soil moisture conditions, poor preparation of the site, under-strength footing and slab systems, inappropriate footing and slab systems, sloppy structural engineering, and just plain lazy, poor quality construction.

As a homeowner and home builder, I can only assume that it must be frustrating for you. I mean, these big builders and companies that build thousands of homes a year must be following standards, building to the best of their ability, and being compliant right?

I’m sorry but from what I’ve seen you will be fooled if you sit back and just trust that those builders are doing the right thing. (You only need to look as far as Facebook for some really fair, honest opinions and stories of what people are going through.)

You really need to look after your own interests better than that. (to be fair if you’re reading this article you have already taken your first steps towards protecting yourself).

So yes, your choices are to work really hard, give your money to a big builder for a ‘pretty house’ and watch every move they make (take lots of photos!!!) and hope that you get value for money or what….?

This: Take the bull by the horns. Engage a building designer. Design your house that suits your needs. Engage a structural engineer that cares about quality and building homes that will last and perform well. Have your soil tested by a soil tester that ACTUALLY drills holes in your yard and ACTUALLY determines the soil type and gives recommendations for how strong the footings need to be. Find a builder that will build well, to specification, and give you the new house that you deserve.

You might try to tell me that you can’t afford to build well.

Just ask the people whose homes move and crack how much they wish they thought about building with a quality engineer.

Ask them why they can’t sell their house because of all the damage. Ask them how they sleep at night wondering if they will ever get their money back. Ask them how many times the builder has come back to try and fix their home. Ask them if the builder has already just blamed them and decided they aren’t going to help anymore. Ask them whether they wish they had built well.

People will always gravitate towards a pretty house that costs less over good construction. Those are the people lying awake at night.

A good engineering consultant and a well-built home go hand in hand. Ask us how we can design your new home, get class-leading construction and sleep well at night.