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The Super-Boring Mind-Dulling Braing-Eating Tour of a Structural Engineers Office

What does an engineer’s office look like? Maybe you’re studying engineering and wondering. Maybe you’re at high school and considering career options.

Take our 360 degree office view for a spin (literally):

University Days

I remember that as a university student in Townsville, our structural engineering class visited the engineering office where a recent graduate from James Cook University. worked  He was working as a structural engineer and he arranged for us to visit one of his construction sites. It was amazing. That was one of my first encounters with suspended concrete slabs and I remember aspects of that visit vividly.

Consider Structural Engineering

So, if you’re working hard at high school or already studying engineering at university – consider a career in structural engineering. We maybe don’t have the world’s most *amazing* office, but every day we help people in our communities satisfy one of their most basic needs – the need for shelter.

As structural engineers, we do get to use cool analytical tools, we do work with really smart designers and planners and on a daily basis we apply our minds to solving conceptual problems long before they manifest themselves on a construction site. A fantastic mix of office work and site work.

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