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Tilling Timber Bracing Plywood

The new F22 SmartBrace plywood bracing manual by Tilling makes it easier for structural engineers and building designers to design plywood bracing walls using Australian plywood. That’s good right?

SmartBrace Design Guide 2014

When the alternative is importing hardwood ply from overseas, then an Australian product manufactured to Australian standards has to be better.

Plywood bracing walls make as good sense in Brisbane as they do in Mackay, Queensland.

In Mackay you need high strength bracing walls to resist cyclonic winds. Plywood is an excellent choice and we use it exclusively for bracing internal walls.

In Brisbane, we love plywood bracing walls in house raise and build in under projects and new houses. Having a high capacity plywood bracing wall means less overall wall bracing and that means we can hide your wall bracing in cupboards and other short lengths of wall. It also means you can have more windows.
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