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Structural Engineering in the News: 15 June 2019

Google sends me a weekly alert for the term structural engineering in the news for the week. Here’s my take on the term “structural engineer” in the news this week.

I have to say, I’m not super-proud of the number of collapses, evacuations and problems relating to structural engineering this week.

Not a very good sign.

One or two nicer articles gave us some light but in general, I think the message this week is quality structural engineering might cost more up front but it really is worth it.

Nothing against younger engineers coming through the ranks but it has to be under the direct supervision of an experienced, qualified engineer and it has to be the same line of work as the supervising engineer has experience in.

There is absolutely no use in being supervised by a civil engineer if you are doing structural engineering unless that civil engineer has already specialised in structural engineering.

We’re hoping for better news next week.

Have a great week. Matt Cornell

These are the news articles Alerts that Google sent me this week.