Cornell Engineers Office

Cornell Engineers Anzac Day Thursday Morning Briefing

Hi. This is Matt Cornell from Cornell Engineers. This is Barlee Cornell from my place and this is the Cornell Engineers
Thursday morning briefing.

Today is Anzac Day. We’ve paused to pay our respects to
those who have fallen protecting our country we’d like to remember the Anzacs, Would like to remember those who’ve who’ve sacrificed their lives defending our country and our way of life and say thank you.

At Cornell Engineers this week we have had two engineers away next week and the next couple of weeks we’ve got two engineers away so we’ll be working hard to keep up with their projects and
just give us a call. We’re still happy to help. We still have plenty of engineers available.

Coming up on Monday I have a trip to central New South Wales. So just a quick reminder of that yes we do service New South Wales. I’m flying to Newcastle and flying out of Sydney. So a little bit of driving in between. A couple of inspections in between so yes we handle New South Wales and we do insurance inspections so if you are in need of those sorts of things let us know. Maybe we can help you out.

And the shout out today is to Barry from Indianapolis in the USA, which is unusual, but I just read an email from Barry this
morning. He was asking about frame construction, beg your pardon balloon construction which is lightweight timber construction “as light as a balloon” something a terminology that not we’re not really familiar with here in Australia but something that we are pretty familiar with as a as a way of construction which is lightweight timber construction. We’re doing it all the time and we actually do it pretty well so can’t really help you unfortunately Barry – a little bit too far out of our zone of capability but it’s great to
hear from you.

Thank you very much for sending – you set an inquiry on our
website and thank you to everyone who sends us inquiries on our website. Where we can help we certainly will and if we can’t we’ll do our best to refer you to someone who can.

So that’s it for today’s Thursday morning briefing. Hope you’ve
had a great week so far. Have a good weekend coming up and we’ll see you next Thursday.