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Cornell Engineers and Palmview Homes Mackay

Palmview Homes Mackay creates the highest-quality house and land packages, new homes and investment properties.

This year, 2020, Cornell Engineers is pleased to celebrate 14 years of providing structural engineering design and drafting for Steve and the team at Palmview Homes Mackay.

This has been a relationship forged on trust, accountability and integrity and we are super-proud of our longstanding working relationship.

Cornell Engineers and Palmview Homes started working together during the development of Palmview Village – Mackay’s premier retirement village. The village wanted stylish, low-maintenance and well-built craftsman homes. Cornell Engineers was able to assist with compliant engineering designs and in-person site inspections during construction that ensured all the boxes were ticked.

A perfect relationship was born.

The high standards of quality home construction soon found a demand in a wasteland of knock-them-up high maintenance and low quality builds that were popping up in Mackay as it thrived.

People who wanted highly liveable homes that exceeded the minimum standards of design and were built by tradespeople very familiar with the requirements and demands of building in a cyclonic area soon heard of the quality the team at Palmview Homes were providing as standard.

So thank you for trusting us Palmview Homes. We look forward to continuing our great teamwork well into the future.

If you are looking to build a quality investment home in the Mackay area and you think that the home should be well-designed and wee built, give Steve and the team a call on 0417 212 218. Live life your way with Palmview Homes Mackay.