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Sample Structural Engineering Drawings

Engineering Drawings

It’s hard to explain what structural engineers produce when we do structural engineering for a new house. So I’ve prepared a sample set of our structural engineering house plans for your enquiring mind!

This example set of plans is for a single storey house with a concrete slab on ground, concrete Besser block masonry walls and a timber roof trusses.

Brick veneer houses are quite similar except the bracing is all achieved with the timber frame walls.

Cornell Engineer’s Sample Drawings

Our Drawings are Excellent

What’s so great about the drawings that we produce?

  • They are clear and concise.
  • They are easy to read and build from.
  • They are backed by our 20 years of experience and local knowledge.

We pride ourselves on the fact that so many of our houses get built without the builder needing to ask us any questions. We think about our designs to make it easier (and cheaper) for the builder. Doesn’t that sound like a good idea?

Want to know what goes into checking our engineering plans? Check out this video of a structural engineer checking engineering plans.

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We’re super-keen to help you with structural engineering for your house. Contact Matt Cornell and the team to arrange a quote today!

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Treated Timber and Steel

This is a reminder to builders and designers (oh and sales people selling treated timber): Some chemicals used to treat external grade softwood timbers react with and corrode steel! If you are building and you are using pressure treated timber – call Cornell Engineers to discuss which fasteners and brackets you should be specifying or using – or have a browse here:
Corrosion of Fasteners in Treated Timber
Happy reading!!!
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Structural Engineers Brisbane

If you’re looking for a structural engineer in Brisbane, then I’d like to help you. I’ve been a structural engineer since 1991. I have been running my own business since 2003. I specialise in designing and certifying houses, extensions and renovations.

I can design and certify retaining walls, steel beams, new footings, relocated walls, double storey extensions and more. What’s more – I’m easy to talk to, I love taking your ideas and needs and making them a reality and I really, really like working with Queenlanders – the people AND the buildings!

My company is Cornell Engineers and our Brisbane office is located in Hendra. We happily service and inspect buildings all over Brisbane and throughout Queensland by appointment.

I’m here to help. Call me if you need a structural engineer in Brisbane. Phone 07 3102 2835.

If you are after home renovation or new build ideas and would like to see some of our current projects being built, add us on FaceBook.

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Cyclone Damage

Cyclone Damage

We are structural engineers. We can help you if your building was damaged by the cyclone.

We can assist with structural engineering and make-safe work after the cyclone. If it is important that you get the right beam size and repairs done quickly, call us for structural engineering in Ayr, Townsville,  Bowen and Mackay.

The best number to call us on?

07 3102 2835

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Wind Speed

Buildings in Australia are designed to resist wind forces by complying with Australian Standards.

The “design gust wind speed” for a particular site is determined by considering the height of the building, the location of other buildings and topography on all sides of the building.

Houses in exposed locations or on tops of hills are designed for higher wind speeds and consequently higher forces than buildings in built-up areas.

The structural engineers at Cornell Engineers use the latest version of Australian Standard AS1170.2 to determine the wind speed for your structure.

Wind Classification to AS4055

Where the building complies with AS4055, we can classify the wind speed using that standard too.

Call us for a wind assessment for your building today!