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Cornell Engineers is active on social media because we are real people, we care about our community and we’re proud of our achievements.

We use our social media just like you do, to stay informed, to share great ideas and projects and so that you can communicate with us via your preferred medium.

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You’ll love Cornell Engineers because we love to help people. The best way we can do this is by being accessible. Please find us and follow us.

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We use Facebook to hang out, have a laugh, show off some projects, take some messages, check out our friends and competition and generally be sociable.

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Please support our Youtube Channel by subscribing and leaving a comment. We try to provide informative and helpful videos regularly.

We’ve got videos on drainage, waffle slabs, retaining walls, slab heave, our wind code, vapour barriers, spoon drains, and screw piers.

We also use Youtube to post video updates from time to time and help you put a face to a name.

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Yo Instagram.

You’re cool. Hip. Happening.

You love memes and quick updates that you can flick through without delving into any topic too deeply.

We hear you.

We see you.

We get you.

Add us on Instagram and we’ll try to follow you back. If we’ve collaborated we’d love you to share your project updates so we can see how it has turned out.

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Sweet tweet! Our Twitter tweets are quite irreverent.

Yet responsibly so and in a mature way.

We can’t hold a candle to tweets by famous American ex-presidents or newscasters but we’re part of your community and we have opinions.

We’re psyched by good outcomes and we feel the pain during bad times.

If it’s happening in our community or in our space, we’re probably going to tweet about it.

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If a picture can tell a thousand words then our Pinterest is as good as a million words!

The thing we love about Pinterest is the visuality (!) of it all.

Architects post there. Engineers post there. Happy customers post there.

If we’ve worked together and you’re any of the above, tag us in, We’d love to share the picture journey with you on Pinterest.

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Seriously. LinkedIn is our serious business place.

Sometimes we advertise vacant positions there.

Sometimes we collaborate with other industry professionals.

Sometimes we share a business update. Sometimes we ask a pertinent question.

If it is about our business, contact us on LinkedIn. Follow Cornell Engineers to stay informed and tag us in if you’ve got something (business-like) to say!

Love your home with us on HomeOne


It’s what we do better than any of our competitors (so says us!).

And on we do our best to contribute with positive, helpful feedback and information in conversations regarding Engineering and/or Brisbane.

Again, feel free to tag us in, ask us a question or tell us your opinion. We’re social with our community on homeone – wherever that takes us.

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We’re Cornell Engineers.

We’re super-social, super-nice and super-keen to MEET YOU!!! Give us a call!