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Job Vacancy – Graduate Structural Engineer Career Opportunity

We have an exciting opportunity for a (recently graduated) civil or structural engineer in our Brisbane office that is looking for a rewarding graduate engineering job in residential structural engineering. The position is vacant and is available for an immediate start.

As a team, we are improving construction. Everywhere. Come and join us.

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Graduate Structural Engineer

Graduate Structural Engineer Jobs

We offer work/life balance, on the job training, experienced engineers to mentor you and a challenging array of engineering jobs in the pipeline. You will benefit from a team of like-minded engineers keen to do a good job.

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One Last Thing about Graduate Structural Engineer Jobs

  • Not every graduate structural engineering job is going to teach and train you to be a better structural engineer. Some companies will stick you in a boring back office and get you to fold letters and stick them in envelopes. We’ll teach you to shape your world and make it better.
  • Some companies tell you you will get the chance to move between departments and ‘try’ different jobs. We have such a variety of interesting, challenging jobs that we put those other programs to shame.
  • Some graduate structural engineers think they already know everything. We know that we are learning every day and we accept the challenge of improving and getting better every day.
  • Some structural engineering career paths lead to a dead-end backroom job. We’ll show you a whole world of opportunity.